Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Equip-Safe (EQS) will use all information that is collected and provided by you for the purpose of your initial and continued enrolment and identification only. This information will not be provided to any third party, without your express permission.

In order to secure your place on your chosen course payment must be made in full. Your enrolment  is not confirmed until payment is made in full.

EQS cannot guarantee that, on payment for a place in a course, that a place will be available. Should a place not be available following payment, EQS will refund all fees in accordance with its refund terms and conditions. 


1.1.  By enrolling in a course you confirm that:

1.1.1.       All the information provided to us by you is true and correct;

1.1.2.      You have read and understood our terms and conditions, our Policies and our Client Information Handbook; and

1.1.3.      You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that all information provided to us, is kept current, and any changes to those details should be sent to us as soon as practicable.

1.2.  Learners and/or employers are requested to advise of any issues that would require any reasonable adjustment prior to enrolment.


2.1.  All fees and associated costs must be paid in order to secure your place in your chosen course or unit of competency at EQS.  Your enrolment is not confirmed until payment is made in full.

2.2.  Allocation of a course place is based on the order of enrolment and EQS cannot guarantee a place in your chosen course or unit of competency until your enrolment has been paid for and accepted by EQS.

2.3.  Course dates, times and fees are subject to change. EQS will notify you as soon as practicable should a change occur.

3.        MINORS

3.1.  All learners under the age of 18 years old at the time of enrolment must have a parent or legal guardian sign all documentation relating to enrolling in a course or unit of competency.


In this clause, intellectual property right means all present and future rights conferred by statute, common law or equity in or in relation to any copyright, trademarks, designs, patents, circuit layouts, plant varieties, business and domain names, inventions and other results of intellectual activity in the industrial, commercial, scientific, literary or artistic fields.

4.1.  EQS owns all right, title and interest, including all intellectual property rights in any material EQS produces upon its creation and you agree not to use any of intellectual property other than in direct connection with the course or unit of competency being undertaken.


5.1.  Where arrangements have been made to deliver a course on-site, all costs associated with the delivery, including travel, flights, accommodation and meals, shall be payable in addition to the fees for the course.


EQS understands that due to unforeseen circumstances it is sometimes necessary for a participant to cancel their enrolment in a course.

6.1.  All cancellations of enrolment must be made as soon as practicable by Phone (08) 9358 5772, followed up by email  to admin@equipsafe.com.au

6.2.  Refunds will be made on the following basis:

6.2.1.       100% of the enrolment fee where cancellation is made in writing 8 or more days prior to the start of a course;

6.2.2.       50% of the enrolment fee where cancellation is made in writing 2 to 7 days prior to the start of a course: or

6.2.3.     where cancellation is made in writing 1 day or less prior to the start of a course no refund will be made.

6.2.4.      No refunds shall be provided for courses once they have started.

6.3. Please note:  Purchased textbooks and standards are non-refundable once they have left the premises.

7.        TRANSFER

7.1.  All transfer requests for enrolments must be made in writing to the Administration Coordinator

7.2.  EQS does not charge a transfer fee, however, please note that course availability (rescheduled) may be impacted.

8.        Client Information Handbook

8.1.  All people enrolled in a course must comply with the Equip-Safe Client Information Handbook.


The following policies and procedures of The Electrical and Communications Association of Western Australia Inc. trading as Equip-Safe, can be obtained as per below:


1.1.  A copy of our policy statement can be accessed here.


2.1.  Our Privacy Policy applies to all persons enrolled in a course

2.2.  A copy of the Privacy Policy can be found here. 


3.1.  A copy of the Learner Complaint, Grievance Resolution and Appeals Procedures can be accessed here.


4.1.  A copy of the Assessment Policy can be accessed here.


5.1.  A copy of the Access and Equity Policy can be accessed here.



1.1.  Privacy Notice – please refer to Schedule 1 of the ‘National VET Data Policy‘ on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s website: https://www.dese.gov.au/national-vet-data/resources/national-vet-data-policy.



1.1.  Please find the link to the Student Support Services (Welshpool Campus) here