Why Do I Need a Yellow Card In Construction? Everything You Need to Know

Yellow boom lift extended

What is a yellow card in construction?

A yellow card in construction allows for workers to operate elevating work platforms (EWPs) that do not require a high risk licence.  You’ll need a yellow card to show that you have  been trained in the safe use of an EWP.  Verbal instruction is not an effective method of training as it lacks proof of training evidence. 

Why do I need a yellow card?

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations state that employers or businesses have a legal obligation under work health and safety laws to provide their staff, visitors, and contractors with a safe workplace.

Elevating work platforms (EWPs) explained

EWPs are mobile platforms that lift or lower people and equipment from a base support using a: 

  • Hinged device 
  • Articulated device 
  • Combination of hinged and articulated devices.

Types of elevating work platforms 

Why do i need a yellow card in construction, Why Do I Need a Yellow Card In Construction? Everything You Need to Know, Equip-Safe

There are various types of EWP, including:

  • Scissor lifts 
  • Self-propelled boom lifts 
  • Trailer or vehicle mounted lifts 
  • Telehandlers with elevating work platform attachments

Which types of EWP require a yellow card?

A yellow card is needed to operate EWPs that do not require a high risk licence, such as scissor lifts. You will need a high-risk licence if you need to operate boom-type EWPs that extend over 11m. 

Keep in mind: Different sites have different rules

There are some sites that will want a high risk licence for any type of EWP whether it be a boom-type or scissor-type. Then there are sites that want the yellow card because this is specific to scissor lifts and the two machines are different.

Different sites have different rules. Even if in the high risk licence course scissor lifts and vertical lifts are used for part of the training there is no proof of this, the high risk licence clearly says on the back of the card “Boom Type Elevating Work Platform”.

Benefits of a yellow card

A yellow card, whilst not strictly necessary in employment, is required by many employers across the state. So to have the yellow card training is often seen as a highly valuable asset in an employee.

Not only this, but it will also train you in the aspects of using an elevated work platform, opening up your job opportunities as a contractor, and if you’re an apprentice, will also increase the jobs you may be exposed to during your apprenticeship, giving you a better breadth of experience.

How long does a yellow card last?

A yellow card will have an expiry date of 5 years. However, It becomes null and void after two years of not being used.

How much does a yellow card cost?

The cost of a Yellow Card is between $290 and $350, depending on prior learning and experience, with an additional application fee and photograph fee ($25).

Book your Yellow Card scissor list training at Equip-Safe today

A yellow card is a must-have for anyone working in the construction industry. Whether you’re an electrician, a chippy, or even a foreman, having a yellow card will help you progress through your career, and makes you much more employable. 

Check out our yellow card course options here or get in touch with the friendly team at Equip-safe for more information.


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