Man Pinned Between Forklift and a Scissor Lift

Man pinned between forklift and a scissor lift

A man in his 20s has been airlifted to hospital by the RAC rescue chopper after a workplace accident in the British Aerospace dry-dock in Henderson on Tuesday morning.


Worksafe WA confirmed they were investigating an accident that occurred just before 8am on Tuesday morning where a man had been pinned between a forklift and a scissor-lift.


He was airlifted by the RAC rescue chopper to Royal Perth Hospital with a broken pelvis and he is listed in a stable condition.


Worksafe investigators are continuing their investigation at the site.


Other forklift accidents from around the world this month (from


FORKLIFT FATALITY Worker Killed in Forklift Accident in Amazon Warehouse (a worker was killed after a forklift fell on him around noon – the man who was killed worked for a company that the warehouse uses to rent the forklifts – he was loading the forklift onto a flatbed truck when it began to roll forward so the worker started running alongside it to try and stop it – the forklift then fell on him and was crushed to death)


FORKLIFT FATALITY Man killed in forklift accident at Near-Eastside industrial complex (a worker, 30, suffered fatal injuries when he was pinned between a forklift and a guardrail – he was using the forklift while trying to remove a screen used for filtering recycled materials from an electronics shredding machine – at about 6:37 a.m., he parked the forklift while it was still running and got out of the vehicle to move the screen by hand – while outside of the forklift, it suddenly moved and pinned him against a guard rail – nobody was sitting in the forklift at the time – he was taken to a nearby hospital with critical injuries where he later died)


FORKLIFT FATALITY Worker killed in forklift accident (a worker, 68, died in an accident at the auto-parts business – he was found mortally injured near a forklift with its engine running shortly after 11:30 a.m. – he died at the scene – there were no witnesses to the fatality, but authorities concluded that the victim evidently had been run over by the vehicle)


FORKLIFT FATALITY Forklift driver killed at St Leonards (a forklift operator, 24, died in a workplace incident – he was using his forklift to unload goods from the rear of a flat tray truck when the forklift fell on its side about 3.50pm – he was pinned underneath the forklift – he was pronounced dead a short time later)


FORKLIFT INJURY Beer Store worker injured An employee at the warehouse was treated in a hospital for a leg injury after the incident – worker at the warehouse was struck by a reversing lift truck – worker fell and then the part of the truck struck the worker

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